In this page you can download a new version of the popular Battleship strategy game to play online with other users. The game includes sound effects and two different game modes: "Salvo" and "Classic" Battleship.
Users communicate to each other through an IRC server. The IRC protocol is used by the game only to let the users call and invite each other while all the rest of the messages (the chat and the messages from the game session) are handled by the client and sent through a direct client-to-client connection (DCC). The DCC makes the communication faster compared to the other online Battleship games (Yahoo Games, where everything goes through the web server.
Battleship is written in TCL/Tk and runs on both Windows and Linux (it could run on a Mac with a TCL interpreter as well). The Windows version is binary so you don't need to have TCL/Tk installed in your system. The Linux package includes only the source files of the game and therefore you will need the TCL interpreter ( in most Linux distributions the TCL/Tk interpreter is already installed together the other base packages)
Click below to download Battleship:

Windows version: Battleship.exe (1,30MB)
Linux version: Battleship.tar.gz (340K)

Or click here to download it from the SourceForge page.

Here is a screenshot of the game: Logo